Our charitable projects

Deanery project

Bexley Deanery Developing World Projects Do you know of any SMALL charity in the developing world which struggles financially? The Bexley Deanery Developing World Group are looking for such projects that do not get funding from major sources and would benefit from a one-off payment. If you are aware of any small charity which may fit this profile please contact Mary Prescott on 01322 335535 or e-mail mdprescott@ntlworld.com before 30 September, and she will be able to give you further details. The Deanery Group will be meeting to decide on one project per parish so Mary Prescott needs details of any projects which might be considered as soon as possible.

Our Tuesday Coffee Morning support Bexley Deanery Developing World Group Projects 2017/18

The following projects have been awarded £1,000 each 

  • Our Lady of the Angelus’ parishioner proposed that help be given to parishioners of Gokwe, Zimbabwe who require funds for completion of building of church ,i.e roof, plastering and painting the church, fitting of benches, stations of the cross, building of outside toilets, ect.
  • St. Stephen’s welling parishioner requested help for people of Cameroon who have a very basic well, requiring children to pull heavy buckets of water. The well serves about 300 families and often runs dry. A pump is needed  and reserve tank to provide more than 2000 litres of potable water daily to the community. 
  • A Bexley parishioner requested funds to support a women and children’s village in rural Bangladesh.There are no men to support them as they have either been killed or have abandoned their families. 350 children and 140 mothers are helped at the village as well as 250 children every month at a street children project in Dhaka.
  • Another Bexley parishioner is involved in helping children with physical disabilities in Kumi, Uganda and requested help to provide 2x prosthesis,4 wheelchairs and 4 Tricycles.

£500 has been awarded to the following projects:

  • Our Lady of the Angels’ parishioner requested assistance in the Ivory Coast with finishing a project to build an office and toilets for a priest (and congregation) whose ministry covers more than 10 large villages. He travels miles to celebrate masses, christenings, marriages and to help people in distressed situations.
  • St.Lawrence’s Sidcup’  parishioner requested help in providing small livestock (goats, pigs, rabbits) for poor women in Rulindo District, Rwanda, to breed the animals and have access to animal protein for themselves and their children, use of animal dung as fertiliser for growing vegetables, pay for animal housing and for bricks to construct long-lasting ‘kitchen gardens’. 
  • St. Marys of the Crays’ parishioner wishes to help school in Freetown, Sierra Leone, which needs to build an extra classroom to give room to 10 and 11 year olds to study away from Nursery and Infant and have to have cooking lessons. 
  • St.Stephen’s Welling parishioner wishes to build a workshop for blind teenage orphans in Kenema, Sierra Leone, who are taught by a blind teacher how to make soap to sell and support themselves. 
Social Committee fundraisers
 In the last couple of years we have raised the following to support number of charitable causes:

British Heart Foundation – £3,700 from The Valentines Ball

Macmillan Cancer Support – £3,000 from The 1920s Gatsby Ball & £1,160 from a coffee morning & indoor car boot sale.

The Firefighters Association – £2,100 from the Summer Barbecue & International Day to the Firefighters Association to support firefighters injured in the line of duty (particularly after the Grenfell Fire)

Homeless Winter Shelter – £1,500 from the Rock Choir Concert evening

Heads Together – £500 from the Royal Wedding Afternoon Tea event

Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice – £4,500 from the Community Fundraiser May Ball event

 Bexley Food Bank Donations                                                                                                                            
 We collecting non perishable food items for the local Food Bank. Please support us by leaving donations in the church after Mass on the 3rd Sunday of the month or bring to the friary at any time.
We have had letter from Bexley Food Bank thanking parishioners for the kindness and generosity you have shown over the last few years which is really appreciated. Last year, they were able to feed 4,095 people in crisis in Bexley Borough, due to generosity, kind and caring people like yourselves. 
 Bexley Winter Night Shelter 2018

House 56 clip art Bexley Winter Night Shelter  in the London Borough of Bexley is providing free night shelter accommodation for homeless men from 3rd of January to March 24th 2018. As a community at the Our Lady of the Angels we supported this initiative by organising fundraising event- Rock Choir Concert in the Church and the raffle sale.

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Macmillan Coffee Morning & Boot Sale


We organise Macmillan Coffee Morning & Boot Sale in the Angelus Centre. This year we raised £1160 for this charity supporting fight with cancer.

Royal Wedding Afternoon Tea

With this beautiful afternoon event organised in the Angelus Centre we have raised £500 for the mental health charity supported by Prince Harry.

Coffee Morning Group donations to MACS

We have donated £80 to a charity called MACS for children who are born without eyes or with very serous eye defects, by virtue of sponsoring a runner in the London Marathon.

Crib Offering 2018

This Christmas our Crib Offering will be donated to the Catholic Children’s Society’s Southwark Crisis Fund.  This fund provides emergency grants for children and families in our Archdiocese who are facing a crisis in their lives.  Every single penny donated to the Crib will be given out via these grants.

May Ball Fundraiser – THANK YOU! 

Thank you for your amazing support for Greenwich & Bexley Hospice via the May Ball! It was a great night and we cannot express enough thanks to all those who helped before, during and after, to organise the event, decorate the hall, organise the food (thanks to Br Gordon for his help!), run parts of the evening and host the fundraising elements and all parishioners who supported us by buying raffle tickets and making prize donations even if they could not attend. Finally we must thank all the businesses who donated prizes – a list of them can be found at the back of the Church and on our website: they supported us – please show them your support – and when you do, tell them how you heard about them!

Jack Evans who is the Community Fundraiser for the Hospice adds his thanks: I wanted to say a huge thank you for putting on your wonderful event. As soon as I entered the building I was in awe of the effort that you and your team had put in. From securing such a wonderful selection of prizes to putting on some of the best entertainment I have seen at a local event! It was truly exceptional. I don’t have the words to thank you enough but I can say that it means the world to everyone here at the Hospice – the funds raised are invaluable to helping us continue our work.  So, through all this effort, including a matched funding amount, we managed to raise a staggering £4,500.