…I could say that I believed, but I did not live in faith…

“Hello My name is Ania Drozd and until July 2017 I was a parishion of Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church in Erith. Together with my husband and three children, I regularly attend Polish Mass.  Our older daughter served the Holy Mass. However, the unplanned things happened in July last year, and we moved back to Poland……..

I wanted to share with you some feelings about this change. Certainly, like most of you, I attended Sunday service and it has not changed, although now it is even easier because I have unlimited access to the Mass in Polish, but there is something that causes my heartache and what I miss very much.  Sadness overwhelms me on this day, and it is Thursday, because it was the day when we used to meet in the evening with a few wonderful people to consider the Word of God. 

I remember as it was today, some 5 years ago, after thinking for a few months, why should I go to the Bible study. After all I was not a person who was very prayerful, and I read Scripture occasionally.  However, the inner urgency turned out to be stronger and  I do not regret it! And thank God for that! 

On those meetings we read the Sunday’s reading and have a quiet moments to give time for our hearts to understand it more.  This hour in the week changed my view on the life for the rest of the week. On Sunday Holy Mass I knew what the reading will be about and what God wants to convey to me despite the time of distraction by children. I no longer wondered what were the readings, what the sermon because these meetings provided the foundation, and the rest was just a complement and combined into a beautiful journey. 

And it started just with this one hour in the week when I let God speak to me, when through the Word he healed me, and showed me his light on various matters of my life. Although I come from a believing family and together with my husband we were custom to Sunday Eucharist, my faith was not very deep. Because, like most of us, we did not open the Scriptures (except for Christmas Eve) and we did not let God’s Word work in our lives. I could say that I believed, but I did not live in faith because it was only under the influence of these meetings, reading religious books, talking to others, sharing experiences and prayers that God became a closer God. He stopped being somewhere far away and I discovered Him in my life, His action and it gave me the true meaning of life. 

Only now I know that I really live and enjoy life. Because the Lord is close, he is waiting for our gesture in His direction. Back in Poland, in the parish, to which we now belong there is no meetings on which we consider the Word, but I know that when the summer ends, I will ask the priest to create such a community because from my own experience I know that this effort to sacrifice our time of finding this one hour, God rewards so much. 

I encourage anyone who feels the desire to learn more about their faith and our God, to come to the Friary on Thursday.

Let God straighten your paths, because is much easier with God and, above all, more joyful. Do not wait, open yourselves to the action of his mercy, do not close the door of hearts, because God wants to act and will work if we let him. 

If you decided already, do not be discouraged after the first event, because I had such a thought, but be patient and persevere. Once someone answered beautifully to the question; What is the purpose of these meetings? -“I’m doing something for the soul,” and that was my initial motto…..We do so many things we do for the body, we will do something for our soul –  it also needs our care. So do not wait to do something for your soul!! God bless …” Ania