Do we, as Catholics, question our attitude towards asylum seekers and refugees?

Adapted from an article by Fr Paul Gilham IC

“In 2016 there were approximately 345,000 asylum seekers to the UK of which around 5,000 were granted the right to remain and become refugees. it is estimated that there are currently around 90,000 unaccompanied children in Europe from places such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other war torn parts of the world. The British Government committed to receiving and settling 3,000 of these children but has, so far, received less than 300.

Forget the sensational newspaper headlines about bogus asylum seekers and look at the figures above; remember that Mary, Joseph and Jesus were refugees when they fled Herod’s tyranny, and the countless people of the bible, not just the Israelites, who were displaced due to war and conflict. It happened then, it’s still happening now.

Do we, as catholic, question our attitude towards asylum seekers and refugees? catholics are called to help these people as our brothers and sisters. As Catholics we should be asking our politicians about the treatment given to asylum seekers and refugees and bring about change. “